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Vic Desotelle

Social Architecture, Community Design

I have expertise in social behavioral intercourse, organizational development, whole-system design, group facilitation, strategic planning, and collaborative process.

See my global micro-community network project working slides at http://MicroCom.World

*Sustainable Systems *Collaborative Design *Leadership Ecology *Cultural Mythology

I bring 20+ years of experience with for-profit, non-profit, and startups, with a diverse skill set in technical engineering, online business development, executive and team leadership, group facilitation, social architecture, and collaborative organizational change.

  • My focus lies in supporting leadership to optimize projects that build solutions for sustainability and social innovation.
  • My place is with true innovators; those who are opening themselves to alternative thinking, behavioral change, and new forms of innovation.
  • My depth of skill comes not just from traditional education, but from hands-on experience.

I am always looking for opportunities that make a real difference, and emphasize the need for evolved thinking and compassion within enterprise to understand how people, communities, and organizations can be of service in a changing global environment. My education in Electrical Engineering is from the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Technology, and a Masters Equivalency that blends Organizational Development, Sustainability, Systems Thinking, Ecological Design, Human Systems Dynamics, Group Learning & Behavior, and Social Architecture.

Applied Creativity workshops training and facilitation available for organizational innovation and social design. 

* Facilitation and Collaboration * Sustainable Design Strategies * Social Enterprise Business Planning * Coaching Executive Leadership * Social Innovation * Ethics * Technical Design



These projects, based on catalyzing social innovation and creating deep change, are looking for partners and enablers. 

1- : micro business activator group; community of practice where micro businesses help each other co-build their businesses and engage in a micro network. It is run under the metaphors of ‘big-fish/little-fish’ and the ‘human biome system- where no larger system can sustain the wellbeing of a society it functions in without a tightly integrated relationship with the small an unseen. I previously created a community like this in CA. See cross knowledge experience underlying this work at and my blog at

2- EnergyIndependentUSA : An online awareness project that focuses on sustainable energy creation use and lifestyle from an individual perspective. It includes an online store used to fund the project. I need a partner savvy in web development and interest in energy to build out and maintain the site. See the early phase of this site at

3- : This project engages in an alternative approach to eliminating the greatest diseases on this planet, which is child sex abuse. It tends to places of worship as vessels for healing the horrors of this pain by addressing communal process for healing and eliminating this ever pervasive epidemic that has been with humanity since early modern society. See

4- : Eliminating homelessness is completely doable if the will of a small percentage of people engage in making it happen. This effort creates 1000’s of small teams of individuals, each which chooses one homeless person and finds a home for them and unconditionally supports them for one year while they get back on their feet. An app and online environment is required to manage the process across the 3100 counties in the usa. Concept and draft technical specs need to be developed for a potential launch in 2019. See

5- : Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) makes you, the traveler the top priority. It’s about fast, convenient mobility. You rent a vehicle not just a seat. There’s no waiting, the vehicle waits for you so you can go whenever you like. It’s non-stop, from start to finish, no traffic lights, no congestion. It’s safe, PRT vehicles (pods) ride on a dedicated guideways away from traffic. You can travel alone or with companions you choose. See